Yevgeny Kafelnikov considers poker a "tough sport"

Do you remember how you became interested in playing Poker?
It just happened after I finished playing tennis. I had plenty of free time and not many communications. Besides, I’m a hazardous person and Poker solved all these problems at the same time. I played constantly for 3 years. But during the last 6 months I haven’t even touched the cards.

Did you get bored?
Yes! Sometimes I play online before going to bed for 5 dollars per hand.

Can you earn good money by taking part in professional tournaments?
Yes, you can. In 2007 in Las Vegas there was a series of tournaments where the prize fund was 14 million dollars. But first you needed to pay an entry fee. Sometimes 1000 dollars, sometimes 50 thousand!

Did you have any success?
I won prizes 3 times. Once I reached a final table with 300 people. The game lasted for 12 hours with just a few short breaks. That’s when I became convinced that Poker is a tough sport.

It’s funny how one personality type is drawn to tennis, poker, chess, video games… solitary competition FTW! Long but really interesting, in-depth interview is here