What is PokerGlyphs?

PokerGlyphs is the premier tool to track your live poker gameplay. Ok, ok, beyond the catchphrase we are really just a few guys who love using technology to create tailor-made solutions that help make life just a bit easier. And that’s what PokerGlyphs is really devoted to: creating a better experience for live poker players. 

This current iteration is of course all about stats tracking and note taking, but we hope PokerGlyphs can grow into a large and dynamic community which could support greater and richer features. A big part of that is up to YOU. Your feedback and involvement is what will help us build the best product possible (though of course we have a vision of what PokerGlyphs should look like and how it should function ;-).  

Interested in joining early and helping us build something great? Then just subscribe to our list on the homepage, say hi at hello@pokerglyphs.com or @ us on twitter, and we’ll try our best to hook you up. All pre-release testers will get something special for free!