The Poker Personality Study

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At the end of last year, Mark Kizelshteyn and I decided to put on our lab coats and do a little creative research. The criteria we established was that our study should somehow relate to online behavior, use the internet for data collection, refresh our knowledge of statistics, and most importantly investigate something fun! What came out of that was an initial investigation into the personality profiles of online poker players: The Poker Personality Study. Firstly, we wanted to simply measure how online poker players compare with the general population — to find out what kind of people play poker. Secondly, we were curious to see whether there were any correlations between people’s specific personality traits and their actual poker gameplay statistics.

Luckily we were actually able to synthesize some very interesting results from our data! And rather than simply publish the academic paper we wrote as a PDF, we decided to create a simple one-page website with a slightly abridged version presented just a little more beautifully, while still basically maintaining APA format.

[The Personality of Online Poker Players: An Initial Inquiry]


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