The importance of health and fitness

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of poker is the fact that it really IS a sport and should be treated as such. Part of being an athlete is extensive mental and physical training outside the court/field/rink, and the same should absolutely apply to poker players, if not to everyone at large! 

Rather than going at length about my own thoughts on this, I will point you to an excellent discussion on Bart Hanson's podcast Deuce Plays. He spends two episodes chatting with Travis Steffen, who studied exercise science and recently wrote a book called Peak Performance Poker. I really appreciate his practical and strictly research-based approach and he provides a few very useful tips. However at the end of the day it's pretty basic: eat well, exercise, maintain a consistent schedule of work and sleep, and you'll already have a significant edge on most players. Best of all, you'll feel a lot better too.